Prince William rushed to the aid of the local dignitary as the couple began a royal visit to the Stewards Academy (Image credit:Andrew Parsons/ i-image)

Wills to the rescue: Prince rushes to the aid of an elderly dignitary after he tumbles to the ground as concerned Kate looks on

  • Duke and Duchess arrived at a school in Harlow, Essex as part of their mental health campaigning
  • But as they were welcomed by local officials, the county's Vice Lord Lieutenant fell to the ground 
  • Prince William rushed to help the 72-year-old, who was not injured and apologised as he got up
  • The royals are meeting parents and children to discuss how to talk about change in their lives

Prince William rushed to the aid of a local dignitary today after he toppled over while welcoming the Duke and Duchess to Essex.

The royals were greeted in Harlow by Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jonathan Douglas-Hughes, the Queen's representative in the county.

But the 72-year-old, who was wearing full ceremonial uniform including a sword and boots with spurs, fell to the ground with a thud shortly after the couple got out of their car.

William rushed to help the stricken official, who got up looking somewhat embarrassed.  Mr Douglas-Hughes turned to William and said 'Sorry about that' and the Duke replied 'No, it's all right'.

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