Where beauty knows no bounds

For photographer Mihaela Noroc, connecting with people (and more specifically, women) is the most important part of travelling. With her blog The Atlas of Beauty, Noroc photographs women around the world, capturing beauty in all its different forms.

“Often, The Atlas of Beauty will take me back to a country I had visited before the project began,”  Noroc said. “But my second visit is always totally different. I am not a tourist anymore. Through my work, I have the chance to talk with dozens of people and discover a deeper view of that country.”

Noroc has found that by understanding what is perceived as beautiful in a certain place, she can better understand its customs and culture. “In many ex-communist countries, for example, where cities are dominated by grey buildings and boulevards, women tend to cultivate their beauty in a very colourful way,” Noroc said. “They use a lot of make-up and powerful colours in their outfits.”



Image Credit: Mihaela Noroc