Watch: Lamborghini escorts Emirates plane on runway

When Emirates' high-powered plane gives 'chase' to Italy's luxury supercar at the airport, heads turn

Dubai: It doesn’t happen often that a high-powered aircraft is ushered by a luxury supercar as it taxis the runway.

But in the hometown of supercars, it does. Passengers travelling from the UAE to Bologna, Italy’s so-called ‘motor valley,’ were treated to a special sight of a Lamborghini Huracan escorting an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER as soon as the plane landed.

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport has been wowing travellers after it partnered with the manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs to upgrade its ‘Follow Me’ vehicle that escorts planes to their gates.

Emirates’ Boeing, with a top speed of 950 kilometres per hour, is the largest aircraft flying to Bologna, while the airport’s ‘Follow Me’ car is equipped with a super-aspirated V10 engine and 610 horsepower...Read more...