Volkswagen set to announce new boss

Volkswagen scandal
  11 million
Vehicles affected worldwide
€6.5bn Set aside by VW
$18bn Potential fines
No. 1 Global carmaker in sales

The board of scandal-hit Volkswagen meets on Friday to shake up its management.
On the agenda will be choosing a replacement for chief executive Martin Winterkorn, who resigned on Wednesday.
Reports have said that the front-runner for the top job is Porsche chief executive Matthias Mueller.
VW is also expected to dismiss executives tainted by the scandal over the rigging of emissions tests by software in its diesel cars in the US.
Some investors have suggested that appointing a new chief executive only two days after the old one resigned might be rushing things.
Sasja Beslick from Nordea, which is one of Volkswagen's biggest investors, told the BBC: "I think this is just a panic reaction from the board of the company."
But he added that there could be benefits from a quick appointment.
"They really need to reinstate the trust of the markets and one of the potential best ways of doing that is to appoint a new head and try to tie all the bad or irresponsible things to the old one."
Also on Friday, further details of the brands and locations of the 11 million cars involved in the scandal are due to be set out.
US authorities found that software in a particular diesel engine used by Volkswagen could detect when it was being tested and reduce the emissions produced.
It meant that the emissions in actual driving were considerably higher than those found during testing.
On Thursday, the UK regulator announced that it would be launching its own investigation into emissions testing.
The Vehicle Certification Agency plans to re-run lab tests where necessary and then compare the results with emissions from "real-world" testing conditions.

Source BBC