French designer is inspired by gaming avatars to design and alter fashion garments through a digital design process.

The world of fashion is famous for its fleeting trends and fast moving, seasonal production. French designer, Clement Balavoine, has created a new software grouping that allows fashion designers to design and alter clothing, virtually.

Neuro comprises three stages, each of which makes use of existing software. Step one uses computer programme Daz3D, and allows the user to work with virtual mannequins created by digitally scanning real-life models. Once scanned, users of the software can move the mannequins into varying poses. Step two uses the program Marvelous Designer to facilitate digital pattern cutting.

Finally, with 3dsMax, designers can cut patterns and play around with the weight, colour and type of fabric and also move models into different settings for mock photoshoots, for example.

Balavoine says he was inspired to use the software in this way after seeing creatives using the software to develop video game characters. He explains... Read more...