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Using 3D printing to turn desert into green

Technology can open up new realms of architectural designs

Dubai: Enrico Dini said that the biggest project of his life is — The Leaf — to green the desert in the Gulf.
He said that it is an infrastructure project that he invented and patented and which aims to reclaim a huge portion of land by a process and method of permanent greening by the reclamation of arid soil and by the creation of an artificial water table.
“For that, you need to insulate a portion of land with walls, waterproofing big flowerpots, then pumping water in and laying arid soil on top so that plant roots can access it at all times, and build artificial trees with bendable solar leaves,” he said.
He said the main advantage of this method is the creation of an environment that make pleasant the living outdoors in this...Read more...

Source: gulfnews.com