A state of emergency was declared in seven Georgia counties (Image credit: EPA)

US storms: At least 18 dead in Georgia and Mississippi

Severe weather has killed at least 18 people in the US South and injured many more, emergency officials say.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in seven counties in the state, where 14 people have died.

Four people were killed by tornadoes in Mississippi on Saturday.

_93769410_d0de1174-0551-45ea-a73c-389e5cb5ce71                                 Seven of the deaths were reported outside Adel, in Georgia / (Image credit: EPA)

The US National Weather Service warns of possible strong wind gusts for parts of west and central Florida, but a severe weather threat has ended.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency said in a news release that the 14 victims were in the southern Cook, Brooks, Dougherty and Berrien counties.

Most of the deaths occurred in Cook County, when a mobile home park was apparently struck by a tornado.

Cook County coroner Tim Purvis said numerous mobile homes had been "levelled" before dawn on Sunday in the park near the city of Adel. He said emergency teams were still searching for...Read more...

Source: bbc.com