US President Barack Obama in Athens: Most Socialistic than the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras

Barack Obama wanted to highlight the advantages of the Western world and the Republic, in Athens, the city that democracy was born.

US President Barack Obama delivered a speech-legacy in front of a roaring crowd, about 1200 people, at the Cultural Center "Stavros Niarchos Foundation" at his visit in Athens.

Through his speech he sent a message to multiple different directions. Particularly to the US and his successor, Donald Trump, but also to European leaders.

His reports on efforts to combat unemployment in the US, at his incentives for increased employment and the assistance to the poorest people, with bonus-wage increases, were essentially a left-wing politics in the heart of capitalism.

Based on the values and ideals of ancient Greece attempted to present the current Western countries as a continuation of our culture.

In his speech he used Greek words and references of the ills of Western societies always came to how they outperform other non-democratic societies.

image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Barack Obama began his speech at the Foundation Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos, saying many words in Greek.

With references to Pericles, human rights and especially the freedom that one finds in democracies received many times the applause of the public.

Speaking about globalization, President Obama told that this is not something negative, despite the inequalities are created by it.

At this point, he said: "The current path of globalization requires some corrections. The negative impact and the consequences will concern fewer and fewer. We know the path inclusive. But we must have the willingness to do so. "

In his speech also stressed the reforms in a positive direction that have become in recent years and praised the government's efforts in this area.

He pointed out that we have an obligation to maintain values such as freedom of religion, freedom of the press, respect for human rights and the separation of powers.

His speech was meant to sensitize and "synetisei" those who question globalization by claiming that only through it can be maintained the Republic as we have mastered in recent years in the countries of the West.