Michael Moran, Chief Executive and Founder. (Image Credit: Supplied)

Top tips for developing your career

Career coach Michael Moran reveals how to stay employable and have job satisfaction

DUBAI: Career coach Michael Moran has three key pieces of advice for those thinking of their careers: plan your career, prepare for your interview and develop a network.

“Most people plan their holidays, which is two weeks and in six weeks will be a distant memory, [more] than they do their careers, which will be 40 to 50 years working five days a week,” said Moran, founder and CEO of career management consultancy 10Eighty, which has offices in London, Manchester and Dubai.

“Without doubt, the failure to plan your career will lead you often to a destination which is a clear cul-de-sac, and you don’t have job satisfaction and you don’t have clear success.”

He added that the real key was “planning in alignment with the way the marketplace is going. Very few people do that, but those who do have employability.”

When going for an interview, he said, candidates should know the organisation, where they can add value to it, and know...Read more...

Source: gulfnews.com