The terrifying moment children are revived after their boat sank off Lesbos…. while heartless Turkish shopkeepers sell fake lifejackets stuffed with PAPER

•Doctors were pictured saving lives on the Greek island on Wednesday
• The children were on one of four boats which sank making the crossing
• Five people died and the coastguards search continues for 'dozens' more
• Meanwhile, shop owners in Izmir have been pictured selling fake lifejackets
A photographer has captured the incredible moment doctors battled to save children swept into the sea as their boat sank beneath the waves - just days after it was revealed heartless shopkeepers are selling fake lifejackets.
The children almost drowned as they tried to reach Lesbos in Greece from Turkey on Wednesday, when the four boats smugglers crammed more than 200 desperate refugees and migrants into sank.

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At least five people, including three children, are known to have died, and the Greek coastguard were still searching for dozens more.
By Wednesday evening, it had rescued 242 from the water.

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This brings the number of migrants who are known to have died en route to Greece to 34 - a figure made even more chilling after it was revealed some could have been wearing fake lifejackets.
Greedy shopkeepers in the Turkish resort of Izmir are selling fake life vests, which are stuffed with paper rather than specially made foam.

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The lifejackets were pictured on display outside one shop, on Sunday.

Fake life-jackets
For those relying on them to keep them afloat in the increasingly choppy seas, it is a horrifying prospect.
The pictures of the doctors working so hard to save the young lives in the sand of Lesbos are in sharp contrast.

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Since the start of the year, 560,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Greece by sea, out of over 700,000 who have reached Europe via the Mediterranean, according to the International Office for Migration (IOM).
More than 3,200 people have died during these crossings, most of them children, the IOM says.
And it wasn't just the four boats which sank in between Greece and Turkey on Wednesday. Europe's Operation Sophia also rescued about 1,000 migrants from six dinghies and a fishing boat off the Libyan coast, the Italian coastguard said.
The rescues were carried out by Italian, British, Slovenian and German vessels, it said.
Operation Sophia, coordinated by Italy, was set up to arrest smugglers and seize their vessels as Europe tries to stem the flow of migrants making the perilous sea crossing.
All the rescued migrants are now headed to Italy, the Italian coastguard said.