The new Iron Curtain holding back the hordes: The 19-mile barbed wire fence built on Macedonia's border to stop a human tide of migrants as Greece is told it faces being 'sacrificed' to save the EU

• Migrants are continuing to flock to the tent city located on the Greek border despite recent closure of the crossing
• Thousands of refugees have been waiting all day, hoping to be allowed into Macedonia and cross further into Europe
• The UN revealed some 131,000 people have entered Europe so far this year despite the new border measures
• This number of migrants entering Europe was not reached until the second half of 2015, the UNHRC said

These razor-wire fences last night became the new frontier in Europe's bid to tackle the migrant crisis as Greece was told it faced being 'sacrificed' to save the EU.
Austria and the Balkan countries yesterday refused to ease border restrictions that have led to the Greeks being sealed off from the rest of the Continent.
For 19 miles along the boundary with Macedonia, the parallel lines of 8ft fencing keep thousands of migrants trapped in Greece.
Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann yesterday said border controls introduced through Europe were needed to end the 'disorganised chaos'. He warned that Austria would no longer be 'a waiting room for Germany'. More than 27,000 refugees have been stranded in Greece after countries along the migrant route created a bottleneck by following Austria's lead in introducing limits on the number they will let pass.
Troubled Greece is now set to be turned into a massive refugee camp as Brussels officials are today expected to agree to hand over £375million to Athens in return for it providing shelter for 100,000 people.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel last night performed a major U-turn as she told migrants trying to leave Greece they could not choose which European country they move to and should stay there. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said: 'We have come to the time when Greece is likely to be sacrificed'. Read more...


Image credit: AFP/ Getty Images