The adorable moment veterinarian comforts a scared, abandoned dog by sitting in its cage and eating breakfast alongside it

• Dr Andy Mathis, of Georgia, comforts Graycie by sitting in her cage
• The two share breakfast as Graycie acclimatizes to being around humans
• By the end of the video the shy pup is licking Mathis's fingers

At first, Graycie does not look happy at all. Huddled in the corner of her cage at Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, the shy pitbull mix seems distinctly uneasy — possibly because of the great big human sharing the cage with her.
But that human, Dr Andy Mathis, knows that this is the best way to help this new arrival acclimatize to her new surroundings, including the animals and humans wandering around outside her cage.
Dr Mathis sets down breakfast for the once-abandoned pooch and then begins to eat his own alongside her — and soon Graycie is looking happier and more comfortable than she has in a long time. It's the perfect feelgood video — which is why it's received almost 85,000 shares from the Granite Hills Facebook page. Read more...


Image credit: Granite Hills Animal care/Facebook