Ammar Shams began collecting stamps when he was veryyoung and now has a vast collection. He uses his stamps (Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News)

Stamps tell the UAE’s story

Rare stamps show how the country rose to statehood after the end of British rule

Dubai: It started as an idea, as all endeavours do, and turned into a significant chronicle of history, in this instance, of the UAE.

For Ammar Shams, philately or collecting postage stamps, began as a hobby at a young age.

“When I was three or four years old, dad used to bring stamps in from the office,” says the 52-year Shams. His late father, who worked in British Petroleum and later as a banker, believed at the time that stamp collecting would be a good hobby for his young son.

“All the envelopes of the letters that used to come to his office, he’d bring them home, I’d cut out the stamps, put them in water to get the stamp to peel off and dry them and place them in albums,” he says.

Shams, a Bahraini-born Emirati, is seated on the floor with his vast collection of stamps preserved in dozens...Read more...