The hotel was completely buried, hampering rescue efforts which have been ongoing for two days ( Image credit: Reuters )

Six found alive in hotel after Italy avalanche

Six people have been found alive in Italy's Rigopiano hotel, two days after it was buried in an avalanche.

Rescuers said the six survivors had been discovered buried under snow, but had not yet been extracted.

"They are alive and we are talking to them," Luca Cari, a spokesperson for the fire service, told Reuters news agency.

The deep avalanche buried the remote hotel, in the central Abruzzo region, after several earthquakes.

At least four people have been confirmed dead, and about 20 are still missing, as the rescue effort continues in difficult conditions. Children are believed to be among the guests.

Teams have been working at the scene for more than 24 hours in temperatures well below zero.

Rescue teams have requested helicopter support to save the six people they have discovered, Italian media reported.

They have spent at least 40 hours buried in the snow...Read more...