'Schizophrenic' nanny smiles in Russian court after admitting 'Allah ordered me' to decapitate four-year-old girl as first pictures emerge of the fire-ravaged apartment where she killed the child

• Nanny Gyulchekhra Bobokulova replied 'yes' when asked if she is guilty
• Smiled after telling reporters 'Allah ordered me' to carry out the killing
• New pictures show the inside of the flat where the child's body was found
• Nanny had 'kept her schizophrenia a secret' and was 'kicked on to the streets' after a divorce
A nanny accused of murdering a child in her care and brandishing the child's severed head outside a metro station smiled after admitting 'Allah ordered' her to carry out the act.
Gulchekhra Bobokulova, a 38-year-old mother of three sons, also replied 'yes' when asked if she accepted her guilt as she entered the courtroom in Moscow, Russia.

In scenes that shocked the world, the hijab-wearing nanny was seen walking the streets of Moscow brandishing the head of Nastya Meshcheryakova for an hour before she was detained by police.
Her appearance in court comes a day after a police source revealed the babysitter had kept her schizophrenia a secret and was 'kicked on to the streets' after a divorce.
New pictures have also emerged showing the inside of the flat where the four-year-old's headless body was discovered. Read more...

Source: dailymail.com

Image credit: TASS/Barcoft Media