Saved from an icy death with seconds to spare: Three people pulled out of frozen Ukrainian lake after getting trapped under the ice

• Three people were rescued after falling through the ice on a lake in Ukraine
• Two of them fell through the ice while walking around 90ft from the shore
• A third person attempting to rescue them also broke through the ice
• But emergency services managed to drag them from the water alive
• All were found to be suffering from severe hypothermia and exhaustion
Three people have been rescued from a freezing lake in Ukraine after they plunged into the water when the ice broke - while they were walking 90ft from the shoreline.
Dragged from the water with just minutes to spare, rescuers later said their bodies were beginning to shut down with severe hypothermia and exhaustion.
Police in Kharkov, Ukraine, said the drama began when a man and a woman attempted to cross the frozen lake on foot.



Image credit: CEN