Russian president Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on May 30, 2017. (Image Credit: Pavel Golovkin / AFP / Pool)

Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman meets Putin in Moscow

BEIRUT // Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince and defence minister, Mohammed bin Salman, met with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in Moscow in an effort to boost bilateral ties.

"Relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia are seeing one of their best stages at the moment," said Prince Mohammed, according to Russia’s state-run Tass news agency. "We have achieved much in the preceding period, but we have to do still more."

Mr Putin hailed the strengthened relationship between Moscow and Riyadh and said he was waiting for King Salman to become the first Saudi monarch to visit Russia.

The two nations are sharply divided over Syria and the role of Iran in the Middle East, with Russia backing Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and maintaining friendly ties with Tehran. Riyadh views Tehran as its most dangerous enemy in the region and has actively backed the Syrian opposition.

The two hydrocarbon producing giants have found common ground, however, in their cooperation on oil. On Tuesday, Prince Salman said, "There are no contradictions between Riyadh and Moscow in the oil market", according to Al Arabiya.

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