The ultra-wealthy in Dubai are taking to social media to share their glamorous life. (Image Credit: Screenshot/Instagram)

How the 'rich kids' of Dubai are spending their fortunes

A glimpse into the glamourous lives of young Dubai residents who are flush with cash

Dubai:  In today’s era of Instagram, Facebook and social media, there’s an endless stream of posts flaunting wealth.

But there’s at least one social media account that’s growing in popularity, and letting the underprivileged  – those who can’t afford a Dh1,000-per-person afternoon tea at the world’s tallest tower - only swoon with envy.

The ‘Rich Kids of Dubai’ on Instagram gives a glimpse into the glamourous lives of youngsters living in the UAE, who are flush with cash and parading their fortunes via Loubutins, Chanels, Ferraris or Lamborghinis, and exotic...Read more...