Restaurant on Jumeirah Road gutted in alleged gas explosion

Dubai: An apparent gas explosion gutted the Bosporus restaurant on Jumeirah Road on Tuesday morning. Teams from Al Manara Civil Defence station attended to the fire, which was put out at 6.38am.
The Hamptons Café, which shares a wall with Bosporus, also suffered minor damage.
Latif Kurl, Bosporus restaurant manager, said, “We are not sure of the cause, but it is 99 per cent likely due to the gas explosion,” he said.
The restaurant was gutted and debris of glass, fruits and vegetables littered the pavement outside the restaurant.
A minor fire also broke out, said Kurl, but most of the damage seemed to be due to the explosion. “We do not care about the [loss of] items, we have insurance to cover that. We are just happy and grateful that there was no one in the restaurant [at the time]. Usually the kitchen staff come in at 7am, so they just missed it,” he said.
The restaurant undergoes a monthly check-up for the gas installation, he said. “We have a company come and check for any issues,”
The restaurant had all fire safety requirements as per Civil Defence regulations. “The system alerted the Civil Defence and they informed us of the incident,” he said. The owners, he said, were also informed.
Kurl said that they do not think there was foul play.
A Civil Defence spokesperson said the fire broke out at 6.08am in the section of the restaurant close to the facade.
“The cause of the fire is unclear,” he said, adding that it did not start in the kitchen. “It is now with forensics to determine the cause.”
No injuries or fatalities were reported.