The existing chasms in Turkish society are deepening (Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Reina attack highlights widening chasm in Turkish lifestyles

Hours after the Reina nightclub attacker was caught in Istanbul this week, the Turkish government's press office sent out a tweet, quoting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
"I served as PM of Turkey for 14 years," it said. "People's life style has never been interfered with and will not be henceforth."
It was a repetition of what the president had said in his first speech after the New Year's Eve attack - "Nobody's lifestyle in Turkey is under systematic threat. I ask the liars saying it: who interfered with your food or drink or clothes?"
Mr Erdogan was responding to allegations that his Islamist-leaning government fostered a climate in which non-Muslim celebrations and alcohol-fuelled parties could be targeted.


In the run-up to the Reina attack, posters and pro-government newspapers carried pictures of a Santa Claus figure being punched and warnings not to celebrate New Year.

In the end, Reina appears to have been targeted as a high-profile location full of tourists, rather than because of...Read more...