Refugees' hot spots to open by end November, EU leaders say

'Hot spots' for the identification of refugees in Greece and Italy must start operating by end November, European Council president Donald Tusk said in a press conference after the emergency summit in Brussels.
French President Francois Hollande underlined that a discrimination must be made between those entitled to international protection and asylum in the EU and economic migrants who should be deported within a short time.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel noted that the reasons for the refugee crisis were discussed in the summit.
"We all share the same view that the crisis is a challenge that we need to deal with together," she said.
For this reason she said it is important to strengthen the external supervision of the EU borders, but also to support economically the countries receiving refugees, such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.
Regarding Turkey, Hollande noted that the Turkish government should give Syrian refugees who now live in its territory the possibility to work, which is currently prohibited.