Perception, the new media reality

Is this a new big enemy or an opportunity for the Advertising Industry?

These days when we receive millions of messages in an almost utopian world, the layout of the industry is trying to use the analytical data that already exists, combined with personalization to reach the target effectively. But a world based on statistics and not on the science of psychology may well not exist. So without human insight and without creativity, the winner is "perception".

The perception of "truth" ends up being stronger than the truth itself. The conception of knowledge, memory and the understanding of what we expect of a Brand is an opportunity for greater efficiency.

The majority of buyers, at a 90% of products, are unable to assimilate logic information and personal messages, so "he" who decides for the market is "perception". Creativity needs all those phycology tools, to be able to make proposals that appeal to emotions and change the general public's perception.

We need to locate the consumer's truths and with the appropriate tools, share with him our own truth and make him believe that next to us he will have a good time!

Gerasimos J. Seriatos