Paris attacks: Salah Abdeslam's luck runs out

The capture of Europe's most wanted man alive is an immense boost for the Franco-Belgian investigation team who have been on the trail of Salah Abdeslam for months.

Although he was shot during his dramatic arrest on a street in Molenbeek, his wounds are not serious and police will be desperate to interrogate the only key suspect caught since the 13 November gun and bomb attacks.

Senior Belgian ministers were delighted the four-month manhunt was over and they will hope a decisive blow has been dealt to so-called Islamic State's network of hideouts and sleeper cells in Belgium.

But many questions remain unanswered: who masterminded the Paris attacks, who is still at large and are there more groups and more attacks planned? France wants Abdeslam extradited immediately, because, in the words of President Francois Hollande, "our fight will not be over" until everyone involved is caught. Read more...