This one map explains the entire worldwide economy

A map by provides a fascinating perspective on the worldwide economy.

The map represents each country relative to the size of its nominal gross domestic product, the type of GDP that is not adjusted for inflation. The larger the area, the larger the size of the economy.

Each area is divided into three sectors -- services, industrial, and agricultural -- to visualize which industries contribute most to the country's GDP.

With a GDP upward of $17 trillion, the US comprises nearly a quarter of the world's economy. Using data from the CIA's World Factbook, determined that most of that comes from the service sector (79.7% compared with a global average of 63.6%). Agriculture and industry make up below-average portions of the economy (1.12% and 19.1% compared with averages of 5.9% and 30.5%).

China, on the other hand, has struck more of a balance between its service and industrial sectors, with...Read more...