Oman allows three-month stay on multiple entry visas

Oman will reportedly relax rules on multiple entry visas for some countries in a bid to boost its economy.

As of July 20, people visiting from 38 countries can stay for three months, an increase from the previous rules which allowed a three-week stay.

It is hoped the extension will allow investors more time to get to know the country and giving tourists more time to spend money, reported Times of Oman.

Inbound tourism to Oman in 2015 generated $651.9 million (OR250.9 million), almost double that of 2005, according to statistics from the government web portal.

Tourists and investors faced fines under the old system, which allowed 21-day visits on a first trip under the multiple entry visa.

Some 38 countries’ citizens are eligible for the new visa, including, the UK, most of central Europe, Ireland and parts of eastern Europe. India, Bangladesh and the Philippines citizens can...Read more...