The next "thinking big" is now

The Next Big Thing.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that the transition for traditionally large companies to the Internet age of Things, of big data, applications, smartphones and the invasion of new flexible companies is the biggest challenge for at least the next ten years. And the equation is not simple, as the switchover means more than just having a company website and social media presence.

It actually requires an entirely new approach towards customers, based on evolving consumption patterns and digital tools that are now available, it means changing the way that a company (from the HR department to the production assembly, sales and marketing departments) adapts to what we call “frictionless economy” (friction-free economy), of a new world where work, information and money move freely, inexpensively and almost immediately.

Regarding the last part, the news we read on our “walls” on Facebook, show that it’s already happening.

How else would we explain the fact that Alibaba, the Chinese web giant has the biggest value in the world without actually having a warehouse or that Airbnb constitutes the largest accommodation provider in the world without having a single building and the Uber ranks first in road travel service without owning a single vehicle?

They each have found ingenious ways to eliminate friction from the industry, linking sellers and buyers directly with ease and developing new business models almost free of capital.

After all in times of such rapid development of technology it seems that the "capital" with the greatest value will not be money, but people who have the necessary e-skills, to adapt quickly and create their own companies utilizing "channels" that a few years ago no one had imagined.

Regarding a frictionless economy, here's a video worth watching of Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor of the US Fortune: Geoff Colvin - The New Rules Winning in the Friction Free Economy

Prof. G J Seriatos

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