All new Dubai properties must fit LED lightbulbs by end-2017

Dubai Municipality and Philips Lighting set supply of 2m Dubai Lamps in 2017; part of city's energy strategy

All new properties built in Dubai will have to fit new energy efficient lightbulbs which have been developed by Dubai Municipality in association with Philips Lighting, it has been announced.

Dubai Municipality said it has signed a contract with Philips Lighting for the design, manufacture and supply of Dubai Lamp, to be made available in the Dubai market by the end of this year.

The plan is part of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy which targets a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption by 2030 and the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 16 percent by 2021.

As well as raising light and energy efficiency to new levels, Dubai Lamp is extremely durable with an average lifespan up to 15 times longer than conventional lightbulbs, based upon typical usage of...Read more...