Meet the ‘First Lady’ of Daesh

Saja Al Dulaimi is part of a very powerful and wealthy tribe

Beirut: Tracking information about Al Baghdadi’s multiple marriages has been difficult, but apparently three are officially registered and a fourth one is recent, and that was after the establishment of Daesh. All of his wives wear the hijab but not the full-face cover (niqab).
His first wife Asma Fawzi Al Qubaisi, 36, is his cousin and the mother of his five eldest children: Hufaiza, Omayma, Yaman, Hasan and Fatima. Very little is known about her, and none of Daesh’s top generals have ever seen her in public, or knows for sure if she lives with him in Mosul. The second is Israa Rajab Mahal Al Qaisi, the 31-year Iraqi mother of his youngest son Ali. The most recent wife — until proven otherwise — remains the product of social gossip in Al Raqqa. She is reportedly a German woman who joined Daesh early this year. Nobody knows her name or age, but tongues are wagging in Daesh. The third and last confirmed wife — and the one we know the most about — is the young brunette, Saja Al Dulaimi.  Read more...

Source: gulfnews