Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader, gestures during an FN political rally in Frejus ( Image credit: Thomson Reuters )

Marine Le Pen wants to leave the euro — here's what that might mean for the 'new French franc'

Front National leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is not the biggest fan of the euro.

"The euro is not a currency. It is a political weapon to force countries to implement the policies decided by the [European Union] and keep them on a leash," she had said previously.

"Look at what happened to the Greeks when they said no to austerity, as they were right to do: Liquidity for the banks was cut off."

She said if she became president, then she would assemble European Union leaders and the European Central Bank and would ask them to replace the euro with a basket of new national currencies analogous to the...Read more...