Manager summoned for holding employee’s passport

Former employee, jailed in Dh2m embezzlement case, needs his passport to walk out on bail

Dubai: A company manager has been summoned by a judge after he failed to hand over the passport of his ex-employee who is involved in a criminal case and needs the passport to get bail.

The manager has to appear before the pertinent judge and hand over the passport or explain why he did not give it to the Greek ex-employee.

In April, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the Greek employee for three years for embezzling Dh2 million by abusing the authority granted to him to access a special money transfer software. The defendant had pleaded innocent and refuted his accusations.

After the employee appealed the primary judgement, the Dubai Appeal Court allowed him to walk out on bail after keeping his passport in the court’s custody.

Despite having been granted a bail order, according to court records, the Greek defendant has not been able to walk out on bail for failing to submit his passport.

On Sunday, the appellant’s lawyer explained to the Appeal Court that his client’s former manager has refused to give them the passport to be able to submit it to the court and have his client get out on bail...Read more...