A relative who dangled the child out of a 15th-floor window and posted the pictures on Facebook was sentenced to two years in jail on Monday. (Image Credit: Screengrab\ Facebook)

Man jailed for dangling baby from window ‘to get 1,000 Facebook likes’

Desperate act ‘to get 1,000 Facebook likes’

A man desperate for  Facebok "likes"  was sentenced to two years in jail for dangling a baby out of a window.

In his social media page, the man in Algeria posted a picture of himself holding the baby out of a high-rise window with the caption: "1,000 likes or I will drop him."

The pictures showed the child to be in a state of fear and bewilderment, prompting other social media users to alert authorities demanding for the man's arrest for child abuse.

The man was charged with endangering the baby's safety following his arrest on...Read more...

Source: gulfnews.com