Lidl’s pop-up store in Hamburg (Image credit: obs/LIDL/Lidl Deutschland)

Lidl the Talk of Hamburg as Discounter Invades Luxury Outpost

  • German grocer opens ‘pop-up’ fashion shop on ritzy Neuer Wall
  • 50-euro cashmere sweaters and 10-euro dresses lure shoppers

    Shoppers strolling down Hamburg’s swanky Neuer Wall pass by Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes boutiques. Next to the Ferragamo outlet, one occupant might give them pause: discounter Lidl.

    The German grocer, better known for 6.99-euro ($7.86) bottles of Chablis and 2-euro quiche lorraine, has accelerated its upscale move with a “pop-up” fashion store on Hamburg’s most expensive shopping street. The unit opened on Sept. 8 and will be gone by Sunday, although its styles will soon migrate to Lidl’s grocery shops. Debates among shoppers and clerks about its place beside more genteel neighbors will also linger.

    “You can’t imagine how many of the well-off people in my golf club are doing bargain-hunting, like I just did here,” said 53-year-old club secretary Gesa Molinas after spending 83 euros on five items including a cashmere sweater and 9.99-euro turtleneck...Read more...