Japan Suspect Smiles After 19 Die In Attack

Satoshi Uematsu, 26, has been taken to see prosecutors after reportedly telling police that he killed 19 disabled people in Japan.

A man accused of carrying out Japan's worst mass killing since the end of the Second World War appeared to be smiling as he was transferred from police custody to see prosecutors.

Satoshi Uematsu, 26, a former employee at the care centre where he is suspected of murdering 19 residents, looked relaxed as cameras surrounded the police van.

According to Japanese media he has been co-operating with investigators and answering their questions clearly.

Shortly after the attack in Sagamihara he reportedly walked into a police station and told officers: "I did it.

"I want to get rid of the disabled from this world."

He is since said to have detailed how he tied up members of staff up with plastic ties, and...Read more...