Islamic State: Bombing strikes militants in Libya

Air strikes against Islamic State militants in Sabratha, Libya, have killed at least 30 people.
The New York Times newspaper cited an anonymous official saying US planes had carried out the air strikes.
It said the target was a top Tunisian jihadist linked to two terror attacks last year, including a resort shooting that killed 30 British nationals.
Recent reports say top IS commanders - followed by many fighters - have moved to Libya from Iraq and Syria.
Sabratha city's mayor told Reuters news agency that a building in the city, west of the capital, Tripoli, had been hit.
The BBC understands that British bases were involved in the attack but that no British assets were involved.
Sabratha is near the Tunisian border, and an area where IS is believed to have a presence.
The group took control of Sirte, the hometown of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, last year. Read more...