Is Arjun Kapoor Bollywood's latest casanova

Is he or is he not?

Arjun Kapoor surely will take the cake for being the biggest casanova in Bollywood being linked to his heroines and co-stars.

Shahid Kapoor flaunted the title for some time, but it had rested with Akshay Kumar for long because he was rather candid about it. Ajay Devgn was more of a silent casanova.

However, Arjun Kapoor overrides all of them. He dated Arpita Khan when he was 18 years old. At one point, it was also alleged that he dated Salman Khan’s sister-in-law Malaika Arora Khan – a story vehemently denied by every party concerned.

Arjun was also said to be dating Alia Bhatt when the two worked in ‘2 States’, though Alia was vocal in her denial of the relationship. “It is not good to be in the news for dating someone. Last heard, I had broken up with him,” was Alia’s refrain.

Again, Arjun was linked to Jacqueline Fernandez when they were together in Malaysia. Both Jacqueline and Arjun have denied the affair. Incidentally Jacqueline was working with the other Arjun - Rampal - in the film ‘Roy’.

Arjun was later linked to his ‘Tevar’ co-star Sonakshi Sinha and the vocal actress immediately took umbrage and denied the affair.

What is surprising is that all his heroines are denying the affair first which seems to have a strange connection. Scribes in Bollywood are well aware of how rumours are spread by stars themselves and they do not like to deny it first. They rather let the other party do it and pretend that they are not available for comment.

Will Arjun Kapoor ever come clean on this, or does he want to be in the news as a casanova because his films aren’t doing the talking, anyways?