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The iPhone 8's screen will cover almost the entire front of the phone

Apple is preparing three new iPhone models for a launch as soon as this fall, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

This latest report has the most details so far about the redesigned iPhone that Apple is hoping can break last year's sales slide. Some analysts believe if the iPhone is desirable enough, it could spur a "super cycle" of upgrades from people who are hanging on to older iPhones.

Here are the important details from the Bloomberg report:

  • One new model will have a screen that covers the entire front of the device except for a little bit. The iPhone's screen, using OLED technology for the first time, will be as large as the screen on the iPhone 7 Plus, but will fit into an iPhone 7-sized phone.
  • Apple has tried to integrate its fingerprint sensor into the screen but it's not clear whether that feature will be included in the upcoming iPhone...Read more...