Indonesian known as 'the tree man' due to disease which left him with branch-like warts dies without ever fulfilling his dream of living to see a cure and becoming a carpenter again

• Dede Koswara was given the nickname due to the warts covering his body
• He suffered from a rare, incurable disease which caused the huge growths
• The illness tragically cost him his wife and family, job and independence
• Mr Koswara had always hoped to live until a cure was found for the disease
• He dreamed of returning to carpentry, but by the end was unable to move


An Indonesian known as 'the tree man' due to the scaly warts covering his body has passed away after a long battle with his rare and incurable illness.
Dede Koswara, 42, died in hospital in Badung, Indonesia, on the morning of January 30 without ever realising his dream of living to see a cure and returning to carpentry.
In the past three months, doctors said he had resigned himself to the debilitating illness which over several decades tragically came to cost him his family, job and independence.


Image credit: HKV/ Barcroft Media, Getty Images