A place to escape: With little of house appearing from ground level, this aesthetically master piece would make a wonderful summer home (Image credit:LOOM/REX Shutterstock)

Incredible 'Bond villain' home in the side of a CLIFF will become a reality after the design is spotted online and a backer funds the project

  • 'Casa Brutale' has been compared to the lair of a Bond villain
  • Designs went viral, and the house is now set to be built in Lebanon
  • The stunning project will be constructed out of concrete, glass and wood

An  architectural project branded the 'ultimate Bond villain lair' is now set to be built in Lebanon after its designs went viral last year.

This ambitious architectural masterpiece is called Casa Brutale and it had initially been designed for the cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece.

However, after a client spotted the design online, it will now become reality some 5,249ft above sea level on a cliff in Lebanon. Read more...

Source: dailymail.com

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