Hungarian prisoners build refugee fence along Serbian border

Hungarian prisoners are hurrying to construct a massive fence along the country's border with Serbia, under the watchful eye of guards and police. The barrier is aimed at easing the flow of refugees entering the country.
The 3.5-meter-high fence will stretch 175 kilometers along the Hungary-Serbia border. It will replace a much lower temporary barbed-wire fence, which refugees are currently able to crawl under or climb over with ease.
Ruptly footage shows inmates installing barbed wire on a section of the fence that is already completed.
The prisoners are from the high-security Csillag prison in nearby Szeged, a policeman supervising them told Reuters.
Some 350 inmates are working along the full length of the border, according to the Hungarian prison service. Those prisoners are being supervised by 65 prison guards.
While prisoners have been involved in building the barrier since the beginning, the Hungarian prison service has not stated whether the number has increased since Budapest decided to speed up construction earlier this week.
"The number of prisoners working varies depending on the needs in the current phase of construction," a prison service spokeswoman said, as quoted by Reuters.
Source: Russia Today