Hungarian camerawoman deliberately TRIPPED migrants fleeing police

• Petra Laszlo worked for TV station run by far-right anti-immigration party
• Footage shows her tripping desperate Syrian father carrying crying child
• TV station sacked her for 'unacceptable' behaviour after watching video
• Opposition parties say they will initiate charges of violence against Laszlo

A camerawoman who was caught kicking and tripping over migrants as they escaped from police has been sacked – and could face a criminal investigation.
Petra Laszlo, who worked for Hungarian news site N1TV, which is run by the anti-immigration far-right Jobbik party, was filming Syrian refugees as they fled across a field on the Hungarian-Serbian border.
Shocking footage showed her deliberately sticking her leg out as a desperate man carrying a crying child ran past her at holding area in Roszke.
The clip showed the refugee falling to the floor with the child underneath him before he turned to shout at her.

Lazzlo camerawoman
Laszlo was sacked with immediate effect after the TV station saw the footage online.
A statement posted on the station's website read: 'Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roszke reception centre.
'The cameraman's employment was terminated with immediate effect.'

Hungaria police-migrants

Opposition parties Együtt-PM and the Democratic Coalition also said they will seek to initiate charges of violence against a member of the community, which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, against Laszlo.
Outraged social media users took to Twitter and set a Facebook group called The Petra Laszlo Wall Of Shame to condemn her actions, labelling her 'pathetic' and 'disgraceful'.
The news pushed Britain and France into pledging to accept tens of thousands more refugees from the record influx.
Austria and Germany are already welcoming refugees, with many travelling from Budapest's Keleti train station.
EU's foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini called on 'all European leaders... to take decisions that are coherent with the emotions they express'.
Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban said quotas would be futile unless Europe's frontiers were shored up.
Orban mocked the European Union's efforts to distribute migrants through a quota system and compared Hungary to a 'black sheep' representing a voice of reason in the EU flock.
Calling on Germany to end its 'open-door' policy, he said: 'We represent the position of what the Americans call "first things first".
'As long as we are unable to defend Europe's external borders, it makes no sense to talk about the fate of the immigrants.