How Kim made $4.5million from her sex tape

While most celebrities have failed to benefit from their sex tapes being leaked, Kim Kardashian enlisted the help of porn baron Joe Francis to net her $4.5million when hers was released.

The superstar starred in a sleazy romp with her then boyfriend Ray J in 2003, but turned the leak into a personal triumph rather than a disaster when it was released four years later.

The tape was given to porn company Vivid Entertainment and Joe, who Kim met through friend Paris Hilton, was called upon due to his close contacts within the adult entertainment industry.

She soon realised that suing the company was not going to help make the video disappear, so Joe helped to arrange a meeting with his friend Steve Hirsch, the boss of Vivid and Ray J.

Kim and Ray J received around $300k each for the tape and they would also receive a cut from the videos sold or downloaded. Kim duly dropped her lawsuit against Vivid.' While Vivid was making $1185 a month from online sales, at one point,  according to TMZ,  Ray J made $90k in one three month period while Kim made $50k in one month alone.

Most notably, the video catapulted Kim to fame, with her net worth said to be a huge $85million.