How a group of US bikers are trying to stop child abuse

At the Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn, a waitress in full costume serving out pints of water and soft drinks might be surprised to hear the conversation between this group of leathered-up motorbike riders.

“We need someone to man the bounce house [bouncy castle] line,” says Popeye. “We will need people to stand at the entrance, be on the grills, hand out trifolds, manage the carpark – it’s going to be a lot of work for everyone. But if it goes how we expect it to go, this will be the fundraiser of the year.”

Popeye, standing at the head of the table, with three knuckleduster rings on each hand, has several badges on his jacket, reading: “Keeper of the children” and “No child deserves to live in fear”.


Image Credit: BACA