Heavy rainfall expected in Oman due to El Nino

Muscat: Oman will witness heavy rainfall due to El Niño event in October and November, according to the Public Authority for the Civil Aviation.
El Niño will also bring more rainfall to the neighbouring Gulf countries.
An El Niño event occurs when east and central Pacific sea surface temperatures are much warmer than usual, which occurs every three to eight years. El Niño causes general climate changes on Earth atmosphere that lead to drought, floods as well as impacts on the agricultural crops and natural resources.
The highest rise of El Niño phenomenon was registered in 1997 when the temperatures rose by two degree Celsius, says Dr Saeed Al Sarmi, the head of the Research Centre at the authority.
Oman witnessed heavy rainfall caused floods in the northern parts of Oman in 1997 due to El Niño.
Al Sarmi added that the latest researches and studies indicate that the rate will exceed two degrees, so it will heavier and stronger, compared to 1997.
“As El Niño phenomenon power increases, it causes more heavy rainfall,” said Al Sarmi.
Al Sarmi pointed out that the recent heavy rainfall that lashed Oman was an indication of the early influence of El Niño.
El Niño also will affect other Gulf countries and Middle East region in general, according to Al Sarmi.
Meanwhile, Al Sarmi confirmed that the fifth weather radar will be installed in Muscat soon and will be linked with other Gulf states.
Oman already installed weather radars in Salalah, Fahood, Ras Al Hadd and Duqm and linked them with other Gulf States.

Source: gulfnews