Nick Woodman put on an energetic performance at Karma's launch (Image credit:GETTY IMAGES)

GoPro or go home! Crunch time for the 'mad billionaire'

The GoPro story started when Nick Woodman bodged together a camera, strapped it to his hand with a rubber band and went surfing.
That was in 2002. Within 10 years, that idea had made him a billionaire, and just a couple of years ago, the highest paid chief executive in America.
At an event in the stunning Squaw Valley resort in California, which overlooks Lake Tahoe, Woodman leapt on to the stage carrying, quite literally, the weight of expectation on his shoulders.
In his backpack, the Karma - GoPro’s first ever drone. A device beaten to market by several other companies, but one that was eagerly anticipated all the same...Read more...