The launch of Campus Berlin. (Image credit: Google)

Google is opening a 'Campus' in Berlin for entrepreneurs

Google is opening a new space in Berlin for tech entrepreneurs, according to a company blog post.

The "Campus Berlin" tech hub will be based in Kreuzberg — a trendy neighbourhood in Berlin that's home to a number of tech startups. It will open in Autumn 2017.

The search giant said Berlin's startup scene has grown rapidly over the last five years to become one of Europe's leading ecosystems.

"We are firmly convinced that the future holds more growth potential for entrepreneurs and we want to contribute our part," said Mary Grove, director of Google for Entrepreneurs and Campus, in the post. "Our goal for Campus Berlin is to support the existing startup ecosystem even more and to promote entrepreneurship."

A number of UK tech startups have relocated to the relatively cheap city as a result of Brexit, which could inhibit their ability to access the 500 million people in the European market and make it difficult for them to hire, The Financial Times reports.

Grove added that there will be an emphasis on...