GCC can work 'very well' with Trump: Khalaf Al Habtoor

Al Habtoor said Trump’s anti-Muslim comments were purely politics

Dubai businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor says the GCC can work “very well” with Donald Trump as the next US president, cooling his previous tough stance on the outspoken Republican.

Al Habtoor said the fact the American people had voted for Trump as president means “he’ll be the right man”.

He said Trump’s offensive comments during the long presidential campaign – including that Muslims should be banned from the US – was purely politics and “talk is cheap”.

“His comments were for the election only,” Al Habtoor told Arabian Business, adding that “unfortunately” the majority of Americans had not travelled beyond their communities and were therefore easily persuaded to believe Trump’s comments.

Al Habtoor, the billionaire developer behind multiple hotels and residential complexes in Dubai, said he expects Trump will now tone down his rhetoric and strive to build better relations with the GCC.

“He has no choice except to create great relations,” Al Habtoor said.

“I don’t think Trump is an idiot; he’s a clever man and knows how to do things.

“[He] needs to re-establish the long relationship the GCC has with America … because this is very important. Everyone in the world, in the US, and us herein the GCC, has our own interests. I don’t blame the US, they have interest priorities to them and...Read more...

Source: arabianbusiness.com