(Image credit: Lorenzo Marcinno)

The Ferrari That Lets You Live Family Life in the Fast Lane

Like the FF that preceded it, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a stunning and powerful GT with plenty of room for four occupants, plus their ski and overnight bags.

On a steep slope overlooking the narrow Campilltal valley in Italy’s South Tyrol province, an old farmer in a white hat and an indigo apron scythed hay by hand. Perched on the mountainside above him was a 13th-century castle that was once home to prince-bishops and now houses a museum of Ladin history and culture. In this and other obscure valleys of the Dolomite Mountains, some 30,000 souls still perpetuate the Ladin language, an ancient tongue that derives from the colloquial Latin spoken here ages ago.


Seeing the farmer silhouetted against the valley’s checkerboard of dark and pale green, I pulled over to watch him work and recalled something a local Bürgermeister had said the previous evening at a reception at the Kronplatz ski lodge. Over nettle dumplings served on a wild-herb salad and alongside a glass of ruby-red wine from the Schiava grape, he described how living a simple life close to nature contributes to the longevity of the people in the Dolomites. He spoke specifically of the small-farm owners. The incongruity of watching this one tend his field in a timeless fashion while I was seated in a swoopy, futuristic-looking gray Ferrari GTC4Lusso was not lost on me.


The new coupe succeeds the FF model, which was the first Ferrari equipped with all-wheel drive, and...Read more...

Source: robbreport.com