Facing losses, Daesh chief releases recording

Terror leader mocks US, saying it would not dare send troops to fight it

Washington: Recent losses and airstrikes haven’t weakened Daesh, the group’s reclusive leader purportedly said in an audio message, even as the militants lose ground to Iraqi forces in a key city.

The 24-minute audio message, which appeared Saturday on social media accounts and websites used by Daesh, was the first said to come from Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi since May. Al Baghdadi said his group had sustained setbacks before in Iraq and Syria, only to return stronger.

Iraqi troops backed by US airstrikes are closing in on Ramadi, the capital of Al Anbar province, which the terror group captured in May. The US has promised to send additional special forces to Iraq and Syria to combat the group, and along with allies has stepped up airstrikes.


Source: gulfnews.com

Image Credit: AP