Explorer Henry Worsley dies in Antarctic crossing

Explorer Henry Worsley has died after suffering exhaustion and dehydration during a solo attempt to cross Antarctica.
The former Army officer, 55, was 71 days into his effort to become the first person to cross the Antarctic unaided.
His wife Joanna announced the news, saying she felt "heartbroken sadness".
Mr Worsley, from Fulham in London, had died of "complete organ failure", her statement added.
She said her husband had died "despite all efforts" of staff at the Clinica Magallanes in Punta Arenas, Chile.
Mr Worsley began the planned 80-day, 1,100-mile (1,770km) coast-to-coast trek in November, pulling a sledge containing his food, tent and equipment.
The plan was to receive no supply drops or help from dogs or any other source.
He aimed to raise £100,000 for the Endeavour Fund, which helps injured and sick servicemen and women.


Source: bbc.com

Image credit: PA