Envy, one in three people’s main feelings globally

Let's change attitude towards our next door neighbor! Our feelings are a reflection of ourselves.

The famous Greek quote “I wish my neighbor’s goat dies, so to have the same number of goats”, seems to apply not only to Greeks but to 1 out of 3 people worldwide, according to the results of a research published in the journal «Science Advances».

As shown in the study led by Professor Yamir Moreno of the University of Zaragoza, the feeling of envy is the main motivation behind the behaviour of most people, regardless if only a few of us acknowledge openly that we are envious. The results showed that 30% of respondents were willing to overlook a bigger prize in a game of chance, and get a worse prize, provided that their decision would reduce the chances of others at wining.

A person with a jealous character, “is characterized by feelings of jealousy, obsession with status and lack of confidence”. These people do everything to undermine their colleagues or associates so as not to gain more benefits then them, even though this behaviour has a negative impact on themselves. In fact, scientists say that "the results of this survey contradict previous theories, considering humans to be eminently reasonable creatures”.

According to the study, 90% of people can be divided into four basic personality types: The optimist, the pessimist, the willing to trust their fellow men and the envious. The "envious" personalities are more prevalent than the other types, with nearly 1 in 3 people falling into this category. More specifically, the "jealous" types outweigh other characters by a ratio of 30% compared to 20%.

- Gerasimos J. Seriatos